All aboutBreka

Focusedon excellence

Crafting raw wood is the biggest passion of our family run company. It is written in our core. For more than 20 years, we have been technologically advancing and producing exceptional handmade works. Our traditional craftsmanship is inspired by nature and our family values. Proud of what we believe in, we consider ourselves as nature’s companions.

Dedicatedto perfection

We don’t believe in mass production. Quality always comes first. That is why we named our trademark after the exceptional breka (brek) tree. Like our massive wood products, it is elegant and rich, ageing with style, becoming more and more valuable over the years. Enriched with modern European design, they are appreciated by customers all over the globe.

Readyfor the future

Superlatives in production and appreciation of nature’s best and customers’ needs is the right way. We will strive to capture the stories of the forest in high-quality, perfectly finished massive wood pieces that excite and complement your quality of living.